FIBER COAT PINK Item No. 104155

FIBER COAT PINK Item No. 104155

Fiber Coat is the universal gel that offers the perfect balance between flexibility and hardness thanks to the added fiber particles. Can be used on almost any natural nail.

Available in the 5 most important colors: Pink, Cool Cover, White, Extreme White and Frosted Pink.

In addition to a cross-linking molecular structure, fiber gel contains fiber particles that make the gel feel firmer during working and wear. You can make very thin nails that are incredibly strong. Fibergel hardly flows during processing and can be applied very precisely. Fibergel adheres well to the natural nail because of the cross-linked molecular structure and can still be buffed to a high shine.

Fiber gel can be applied very easily and precisely because the gel flows minimally during working. The chance of lifting because the gel touches the cuticle is hereby limited. You can apply Fibergel in different ways.

Build the nail in layers until it has the desired thickness and shape. With this method first you apply up to 50% of the nail with Fibergel and after this first layer is cured you apply the second layer from 75% of the nail. This way there is enough product on the apex. Apply the last layer from the cuticle.

Another way of working is to apply a second thin layer over the entire nail after the cured polishing layer. Before you cure this layer, take gel again with your brush by scooping the gel out of the bottle. If you do this well, you now have a ball of gel on one side of your brush. Place the clean side of the brush on the nail at the desired apex and roll the gel off your brush. Now the major part of the product is already in the right place. Work the gel further, floating it with your brush and let it flow slowly so that the product runs evenly from the apex to all edges of the nail. Cures the nail when you are satisfied with the result.

Fibergel adheres well without a Bond. For some customers, the use of Soft Bond Primer is exactly what makes the difference between no lifting at all or a little bit of lifting. If you choose Soft Bond Primer, you still have to apply a thin “polish layer” before you continue to work with the gel.

Fiber gel is the easiest gel to pinch, cure the gel for 15 seconds in LED or 1 minute in UV and bring the desired c-curve into the nail by pinching it, so you can create even more strength and structure.

Fibergel is easy to use and normally gives a good and durable result. If you have problems with lifting or breaking the cause can often be found in the technical application of the gel.

Make sure your Fibergel is not too thin, while the gel is very firm it also tends to stick more to your brush during application. If you then “sweep” your brush too much, it may lead to the Fibergel application becoming too thin at the stress point. Always check this before the customer goes home.


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